Can I Replace My Implants with a Larger Pair?

Dr. Anna Wooten, a board-certified Pittsburgh plastic surgeon and the founder of Beleza Plastic Surgery, is committed to satisfying every breast augmentation patient’s aesthetic vision and treatment goals. Sometimes, women wish to enlarge their implants so they can enjoy bigger breasts and more cleavage. They may feel as though they didn’t select a big enough implant for their primary breast augmentation, or simply desire an increase in size due to lifestyle changes.

Revision Breast Augmentation

Changing the look and feel of the breasts with larger implants is always an option. Dr. Wooten works with every revision breast augmentation patient closely to select a more appropriately sized pair of implants. A patient may also wish to modify the type, shape or profile of the implants, based on her preferred look and feel.

In most cases, the new implants can be placed through the original surgical incisions.

Replacing Breast Implants with Fat

Another scenario that is quite common in Dr. Wooten’s practice is to replace breast implants with the patient’s own fat. Breast enhancement with fat transfer is a great option for women that want their bodies to remain free of foreign objects, but still desire fuller breasts. The fat is taken from an area like the hips, thighs or stomach, so the donor area looks slimmer and more sculpted after surgery (further accentuating the breasts).

Dr. Wooten uses liposuction techniques to remove unwanted fat from the donor area, and the harvested fat is purified. Then, she injects the fat into the breasts to add shape and volume. Most of the fat develops a blood supply so it remains in the breasts for many years to come.

Dr. Wooten has seen particularly great results using the BRAVA fat grafting method. For several weeks prior to fat transfer, patients wear a special bra that pulls gently on the breasts and loosens the natural tissue. This makes the breasts more amenable to receiving and retaining the fat.

Talk to Dr. Wooten about Your Options

If you wish you could replace your breast implants with a bigger pair or with your own body fat, Dr. Wooten welcomes you to book an informational consultation to discuss your options. Please call (724) 759-7777 or email Beleza Plastic Surgery today to make your appointment.

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