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Enlarge your breasts without implants at Beleza Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a minimally invasive surgery to increase breast size by injecting your own fat cells collected through liposuction. The benefits of breast enlargement with fat transfer are incredible: There are no implants placed in your body, there are no lifting restrictions after surgery and you can have liposuction body contouring for your hips, thighs or stomach. All this, and the results really last.


Women who want larger breasts with a more natural look and feel can now achieve this with Dr. Anna Wooten, one of the most experienced fat grafting surgeons in the Pittsburgh area. She has helped women from Pittsburgh to Cranberry Township and beyond look and feel their best with cosmetic surgery. Contact us online today or call 724-759-7777 to schedule your natural breast augmentation consultation.

Before & After Gallery of Dr. Wooten's Patients


breast enhancement with fat transfer before and after photo 1

Patient 1*

This patient felt dissatisfied with the appearance of her chest after she had breastfed multiple children. She wanted to enhance her look, but was wary of the future maintenance that implants can entail. After her consultation, she and Dr. Wooten decided that two fat grafting sessions would be appropriate.

During the first procedure, she had 340 cc’s of fat placed in her right breast, and 290 ccs of fat placed in her left breast. One year later, during her second fat grafting procedure, she had 300 cc’s put in on her right, and 270 ccs on her left. All of this fat was taken from her thighs, which are now much slimmer. The full and natural look on the right is all a result of the patient’s own fat.

breast enhancement with fat transfer before and after photo 1

Patient 2*

This patient wanted remove her high-riding, uncomfortable saline implants, which had been previously placed by a different plastic surgeon. The first picture is her prior to surgery, the second is after one her implant removal and fat transfer procedure with Dr. Wooten, and the third is after her second fat transfer. This graphic shows her amazing results, which are all hers!

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Patient 3*

This patient wanted implants, but the surgery left her with an over-tight look that just didn’t appear natural. Dr. Wooten performed a revision surgery, during which she removed the implants and replaced them with 220 cc’s of the patient’s own fat, taken from her thighs. The result is a more natural and supple appearance and feel of her breasts. She is shown on the right six months after her procedure.

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natural breast augmentation with fat transfer

Patient 4*

After over thirty years of having silicone breast implants, they both had ruptured and this patient came to Dr. Wooten to discuss her options. They decided to remove the implants permanently, which would have left the patient with sagging skin.

Prior to the advent of fat grafting, this would have left her with three options: 1.) have the removal and do nothing else; keep the sagging breasts, 2.) replace the implants with another set of implants, or 3.) have a breast lift to tighten the loose skin.

Now, with fat grafting, patients are able to choose another route. As seen in her “after” photo, natural augmentation can be achieved using a woman’s own fat, which, in this case was taken from her thighs. Dr. Wooten placed 500 ccs of the patient’s fat into her bust – she is now the same cup size as she was before her procedure!


Patient 5*

This patient, a fit 39 year old, came in to talk with Dr. Wooten because she was interested in a breast lift or augmentation. She hadn’t completely made up her mind, and wanted to discuss her options. After hearing the patient’s complaints and goals, Dr. Wooten recommended bilateral fat grafting to the breasts. The results are very subtle, and are most clearly shown in the side view, where the fat grafted to the upper part of the patient’s breast is most evident. In this way, a slight enhancement in volume was achieved, without leaving any of the scars normally associated with Breast Lifts.

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Patient 6*

This patient had only one session of fat grafting. The patient was happy with her result, shown on the right, and chose not to proceed with a second round of fat grafting.

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Patient 7*

This patient came to Dr. Wooten to correct her asymmetric breasts. Prior to surgery, the difference between her two breasts was almost a full cup size. She was not interested in implants, which would not have given her the result she wanted. Now, at 7 months post-op, this patient has completely symmetrical (by volume) breasts. She does retain some difference in shape/slope of her breasts, however, when she wears a bra, the are the exact same size, and fill out her cups evenly. She is ecstatic with her results.

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Patient 8*

This patient sought out Dr. Wooten because of constant pain in her breast due to capsular contracture from silicone implants that she had placed more than 20 years ago.

Rather than removing the implants and then replacing them, Dr. Wooten advised the patient to have the implants removed permanently. They discussed fat transfer, and Dr. Wooten informed the patient that it may require more than one procedure to replace all of the volume from her implants.

During first the procedure, Dr. Wooten removed the 360 cc implants, performed a bilateral breast lift, and filled the patient’s breasts with 360 cc’s of her own fat, taken from her inner and outer thighs. The middle set of pictures shows her at 6 months after her first procedure. Her second procedure was performed a few months later. She had 150 cc’s of fat placed on her right side, and 200 cc’s of fat placed on the left. The final result on the left shows her at two years after her initial procedure.

*Please note, while all ‘before & after’s shown on our website are real Beleza patients, this does not imply that your result will look exactly like any of them. Outcomes are highly individual, and depend greatly on your procedure and your anatomy, as well as your post-operative compliance.

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

The Fat Transfer Process

Another added benefit of fat transfer breast augmentation is that the surgeon does not need to make large incisions into the breast. Instead, after collecting your body’s available fat cells and removing all unwanted matter (blood, oil, water) via centrifugation, Dr. Wooten carefully injects the purified fat cells into the breast site in tiny doses. A portion of the fat injected is reabsorbed into the bloodstream; however, most transferred fat is retained by the body and begins to grow naturally to augment the breast area where it has been injected. This process of fat collection and redistribution within the same patient is technically known as an “autologous graft.”

BRAVA Fat Grafting

Recently, a more advanced method of fat grafting has emerged in the plastic surgery industry. BRAVA Fat Grafting is based on the BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System. Dr. Wooten traveled to Miami in order to observe and learn this revolutionary technique from its creator, Dr. Roger Khouri, and she is among the first plastic surgeons in Pittsburgh to use this highly effective fat grafting treatment. In order to perform this procedure, Dr. Wooten requires that patients wear the special “BRAVA bra.”

The BRAVA bra is worn daily for weeks prior to the procedure date. The soft, gel-like bra pulls gently on the breasts, loosening tissue density. This makes breasts more amenable to receiving and retaining additional fat cells.

Benefits of Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer


No implants

Throughout the entire process yours body remains free of foreign objects. No implants means less risk of future complications, and it means that you won’t need to have those implants replaced further along down the road.


No major cuts or incisions

Fat cells are delivered to the breast by way of many tiny, minimally invasive injections. Because incisions are minimal, scarring is also minimal.


Quick recovery time

No need to physically adjust to the presence of an implant makes recovery time dramatically shorter.



Enlarge your breasts with the added benefit of losing excess body fat.

Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer FAQs

What is the recovery time following breast enhancement via fat transfer?

There is a very quick recovery following a fat transfer. There are no lifting restrictions, and you will be able to resume normal activity within four or five days, however, your final result will not be visible for up to six months

How long will the new breast volume last?

Fat transfer is an effective method to obtain long-lasting but moderate breast enlargement without the use of implants. Fat that survives the grafting process becomes living fat tissue that will be a permanent addition to the volume of your breasts. However, the amount of transferred fat that ultimately survives varies from patient to patient. So it may take more than one procedure to achieve the results you’re looking for. Dr. Wooten will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for breast enlargement with fat transfer. She’ll also inform you as to how many procedures you may need based on current conditions and desired breast size.

Am I too skinny for fat grafting?

Very rarely are patients disqualified from having a natural breast augmentation via fat transfer on account of being too skinny or thin. Even if the patient does not have visible regions of loose fat, Dr. Wooten is able to collect small deposits of fat over large surface areas.

How much volume can be achieved with this method?

When it comes to increasing breast size with fat grafting, Dr. Wooten advises her patients to expect no more than a cup size in increased breast volume. For patients wanting a more dramatic change in size, shape, fullness, or projection, we recommend a traditional breast augmentation with an implant or a breast lift combined with an implant.

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