Nipple Inversion Surgery

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Two out of every 100 people — both men and women — have inverted nipples and many people aren’t aware that nipple inversion surgery is available to correct the nipple. Inverted nipples are fairly easy to detect. Rather than protruding, the nipple points inward and may appear like a slit or hole in the breast.

One or both nipples can be inverted. Nipple inversion is usually a congenital condition but can be related to scarring from breastfeeding. An inverted nipple may also complicate or prevent breastfeeding.

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The Surgery

The problem of inverted nipples is permanently resolved with a nipple correction surgery. Dr. Wooten performs the surgery under local anesthesia, taking about 30 minutes to complete the entire process.


Nipple correction surgery is in fact one of Beleza Plastic Surgery’s simplest procedures. Neither general anesthesia nor any form of sedation are required. Patients may experience some mild swelling and discomfort following the procedure. You can manage moderate pain with medication prescribed by Dr. Wooten.

Degrees of Nipple Inversion

  • Grade 1- the nipple can be pulled out fairly easily and maintains its projection.
  • Grade 2- the nipple can be pulled out but not easily. It will retract fairly quickly.

Nipple Inversion Surgery FAQs

Are the results permanent?

Yes! Nipple correction surgery is a procedure with permanent results.


Will this procedure compromise nipple sensation?

Correction of inverted nipples is a relatively simple procedure, and should not result in permanent numbness. Nipples may, however, be tender for up to a few weeks following the procedure.


How long does Nipple Inversion surgery take?

It will usually take Dr. Wooten under one hour to correct inverted nipples, depending on the unique case of the patient.


Can you make my nipple on one side look like the one on the other?

The answer to this question may depend on specific circumstances and conditions. Dr. Wooten will be able to evaluate your situation and give you an answer when you come in for your consultation.


What will my recovery time look like following a nipple inversion correction?

Since this is a simple in-office procedure, recovery is minimal. You could come in at the end of a work day for your procedure, go home afterwards, and be fine for work again in the morning. Barring any extenuating circumstances, your recovery will be swift.