The Restylane Filler Family

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The aging process affects us all sooner or later.

Facial fillers are a minimally invasive way to reverse the effects of aging. When Father Time pays you a visit, greet him with the proper gift:  a No Thank You and a targeted Restylane treatment.

If your face is showing signs of volume loss, laugh lines, or other creases and lines, visit our clinic soon. We are conveniently located in the Pittsburgh region and we are passionate about patients, who travel here from all over Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Dr. Wooten and our team of R.N. nurse injectors are experts in the applications and variations of Restylane and its family of fillers.

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Several factors contribute to the formation of wrinkles. When the supportive layer of collagen and hyaluronic acid under your skin begin to deteriorate, the outer layer of your skin, the epidermis becomes loose. Creases appear and become more pronounced with age.

Older individuals produce less collagen, the protein that acts like a scaffolding to maintain the full, soft quality of our skin and joints.

Fillers restore your glow in two important ways. First, they do just what their name suggests: they fill in the gaps under aging skin. Second, they stimulate new collagen production, for a volumized, natural-looking improvement. The active ingredient in Restylane is hyaluronic acid. This acid can hold up to 1,000 its weight in water, so it is ideal for maintaining your skin’s moisture. Approximately 85% of dermal filler appointments utilize hyaluronic acid. [1]

Though hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in many mammals, including humans, Restylane is manufactured from non-animal sources. You can rest easy knowing that your filler is cruelty-free and cosmetic-fabulous!

So, which type of Restylane is right for you? Read on.

Benefits and Types of Restylane

To determine which brand of Restylane to use, we will assess your skin during your first office visit. Each face is wonderfully unique, so its treatment regimen should be too!


Every Kysse begins with Restylane. Softer, fuller lips can be yours to enjoy, even after the aging process or genetics have taken a toll on your pout. Restylane Kysse is a new addition to the Restylane family and it can help reduce the upper perioral fine lines and plump the lips for up to one year!


Some lines are delicate and understated. The creases on your face may be small now, but they can get deeper and more pronounced over time. The best remedy for mild to moderate wrinkles is Refyne. Designed to restore your youthful luster, Refyne’s benefits last up to one year. 


As the old saying goes: laughter is the best medicine. But what’s the best treatment for deeper laugh lines? Introducing Defyne, the perfect answer to those smile ridges on your cheeks. Defyne adds contour to your face, rounds out the harsh edges, and promotes moisturizing benefits for up to one year.


As our facial muscles age, they lose precious mass. As tissue retreats under our skin, it leaves a space that demands replenishment. Restylane goes beneath unwanted wrinkles and creases, raising them up until they are level with the surrounding skin. Smooth, supple skin is just a Restylane session away! 

Ideal Candidates

If you are a healthy individual who is ready for a change, then the Restylane family of products may be the answer. Your face accumulates crow’s feet, worry lines, and other creases over the years. Aging is natural, but it is not necessarily irreversible. 

You have options when it comes to addressing your facial wrinkling issues. Restylane and its related family of products offer a wide array of solutions to unwanted creases and lines. 

Book Your Personal Consultation

Dr. Anna Wooten and her team of nurse injectors are dedicated to providing world-class care to everyone she welcomes into her Pittsburgh offices. In fact, world-class is a perfect way to describe her discipline. As you can read in her blog, Dr. Wooten has offered her considerable skills to Surgicorps. By assembling other ambitious and generous physicians, Surgicorps provides healthcare to those in need no matter where they may reside. Dr. Wooten is proud to volunteer her time and compassion to help Surgicorps.

In her travels, Dr. Wooten meets a plethora of patients and practitioners. But her favorite client is always the next one to walk through her door. Will that be you? Schedule an appointment and see why Dr. Anna Wooten is the real deal when it comes to real results.


Regardless of which brand of Restylane you seek, we ask that you quit smoking two weeks before your procedure. Tobacco products damage the skin and constrict your blood vessels. We want your body operating at its most vital capacity possible. Not just for your session, but always. 

Dr. Wooten has her finger on the pulse of what’s best for you, so we ask that you give Beleza a full impression of your health before any procedure. 

We also ask that Beleza patients avoid alcoholic beverages prior to any procedure, to minimize the risk of bruising. If bruising/swelling/inflammation is a concern for you, we advise you to take oral arnica montana supplements or eat fresh pineapple in the days leading up to your procedure.

Tell Beleza’s injectors if you are taking any medications prior to your injections. Even NSAIDs like ibuprofen are worth mentioning during your consultation. You may want to avoid any supplements that affect your ability to clot two weeks prior to an injection regimen.


The Restylane injection procedure is relatively gentle.

Everyone has a different threshold for discomfort, so reactions to Restylane fillers may vary. Dr. Wooten will discuss your unique situation before the procedure. Depending on how many injections you are receiving, you may request a topical anesthetic. However, most Restylane procedures require no painkillers

We begin by sterilizing and cleaning the area where your injections will be administered. After swabbing your skin with an antiseptic compound, the doctor prepares your injection. Restylane is administered using an ultrafine hypodermic. The mark left by a Restylane injection is so small, it often can’t be seen by the naked eye.


Your skin is vibrant yet vulnerable. You should always treat it with care, including the week after receiving Restylane injections. To assure the healthiest pallor for your skin, avoid excessive sunlight. If you are going to be outside for an extended period of time, wear a headpiece that provides ample shade to your face and wear a doctor-approved sunscreen.


There are two phases of results to expect after your visit with the Restylane family. You will notice immediate effects due to the fact that these are fillers. They plump the areas beneath lines and creases in your face. 

Within a week, get ready for phase two! The hyaluronic acid may take several days to fully activate collagen production within your skin. Your skin will also experience more collagen production to provide structural support to the area affected. Your skin will be more supple and volumized, having welcomed the benefits of hyaluronic acid. 

The skin where you formerly had wrinkles will become smoother, but still remain its dynamic motor function!

The popularity of hyaluronic fillers speaks for itself. When Restylane made its big debut on the cosmetic scene, it was a relative unknown. But between the years 2003 and 2004, hyaluronic acid use skyrocketed by a factor of 700%.[2] The best-kept secret is now a siren, and it calls for maximum results with minimal invasiveness. 

Complementary Procedures 

Cosmetic enhancement is an ongoing conversation. You have the first say, the last say, and every say in between! Dr. Wooten and our nurse injectors are happy to chime in with suggestions on how to supplement your Restylane injections.

For example, a Brow Lift can alleviate wrinkles above and between your eyelids. If you are ready to get the lips you’ve always wanted, , consider a Lip Lift for more long-lasting results. 


The price of a procedure should never prevent you from getting the care you need. Medical costs can be prohibitive, but Dr. Wooten wants to work within your budget. While the Restylane family is close to our hearts, your family is our priority. Dr. Wooten wants to reduce your expenses so that you can spend your money on the important things in life. If you are hesitant about proceeding, check out our financing page to ease your mind. You can start a CareCredit account today and begin down the path to affordable aesthetics.


Are Restylane products safe?

Yes. Safety is Dr. Wooten’s highest priority at Beleza. She only offers FDA-cleared products that enhance your look.

How long does Restylane last?

Results vary, but Restylane fillers may last for a year or more. 

At what age should I get Restylane?

Everybody’s face is different. Some clients begin their cosmetic enhancement as early as 18 while others wait until their 40s, 50s, or even 60s and 70s. It’s never too late to schedule your personal consultation. There is no expiration date on your dreams. 

Are Restylane injections painful?

Dr. Wooten does her best to minimize any discomfort you may feel. Please communicate any difficulties you may be having. 

How long does a Restylane session last?

Procedures typically take less than thirty minutes. If you require numbing, then you may spend a bit more time in the office. Many patients resume their daily activities soon after getting Restylane fillers.


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