Mommy Makeover

Signs You Are Ready for Mommy Makeover

The “Mommy Makeover” concept was developed to help new mothers reclaim their pre-baby bodies and the self-confidence they enjoyed before pregnancy and childbirth. Although the treatment is a wonderful option for many mothers in the Pittsburgh area, it is not for everyone. Some women simply do not make good candidates […]

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How Pregnancy and Nursing Affect a Woman’s Body

As a female plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh, Dr. Anna Wooten is committed to helping mothers restore their bodies and self-confidence after pregnancy and nursing. She understands the toll that these experiences can take on a woman’s body, and she offers a variety of procedures to reverse those changes. If you […]

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When Is It Time to Consider Mommy Makeover?

Do you feel like you’ve lost your identity and a healthy amount of confidence since having children? You are not alone. Most moms give everything to their families and some have little left for themselves. Mommy makeover can help you reclaim the confidence you had before kids. Mommy makeover is […]

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