The Best Ways to Recover from Tummy Tuck Procedure

Have you undergone a tummy tuck procedure or are still planning ahead for a prospect surgical operation? In this article, you will see exactly what you need to expect after your operation, including the types of discomfort that you may experience and how you can help yourself to resolve those possible issues for a quick recovery period.
For every surgical operation, there are always some possible risks or complications that might happen or occur. So, for you to respond on this, you need to be ready at all times, especially for some possible complications such as:
• Pain – It is very natural to all the patients who have undergone this procedure. However, you can do some countermeasures to help yourself out of this issue. One of these ways on how to fight for the pain is to take painkillers which will be recommended by your doctor.
• Bruising – This complication is very inevitable. During the surgical operation, it’s unavoidable to have bruises on your abdominal area. But you don’t need to fret about this complication because there’s nothing too dramatic about it.
• Swelling – This is a normal reaction after tummy tuck procedure. You will notice that during post surgery, your body will have some reactions through building up fluids on the traumatized part. Then, the swelling will take 2 to 3weeks to disappear. If your abdominal area gets swollen without any reason, then you have to call your surgeon for further assistance.
• Scarring – Actually, this is a natural process which means that your wounds or skin is already on its healing stage. However, there are some instances when healing may go wrong and it leaves a huge scar which will take months to disappear. For you to avoid more scars, you have to take care of the incision, including the area around the site. Always maintain a proper way of care so as to not get infected.
• Infection – Though this complication is rare, there are some instances where it might happen, especially if you didn’t care the treated area. Usually, there’s pus that may build up in your wound many days after your surgery. But, you can get rid of this pus and resolve this issue by taking antibiotics which will also be recommended by your surgeon.
• Bleeding – Just in case your wound is continuously bleeding after your surgical procedure, there is a possibility that it will lead to the haematoma formation. This formation requires you to go back under the knife and have some additional surgery for the treatments. For you to make sure that you will not go back under the knife, make sure to choose a surgeon who has the knowledge and expertise about tummy tuck procedure.
• Slow healing – As mentioned previously, scarring might sometimes go wrong but it’s very necessary since it is an indicator that your skin is already on its healing stage. However, if you think that your wound is slowly healing after many days from the date of your surgery, then it’s better to consult your doctor once again.
• Numbness – Some numbness level is natural and it usually subsides over time. But, a permanent numbness may sometimes be irreversible. So, if there is permanent numbness that you might experience, you have to report this issue to your doctor for an immediate solution.
• Seroma formation – This might occur after the surgery if you did not take care of your wounds properly. If there’s a seroma formation that happened, you have to directly contact your doctor for an immediate removal of the collected body fluids. Typically, your surgeon utilizes needles in order to get rid of the collected body fluids under your skin.
Things to Do for a Better and Faster Recovery
If you want to have a quick and better recovery, you should take the following tips and reminders:
• Get informed – Make sure that you are always aware on what to do and what not to do during and after the procedure. If you are aware of those things, then you also need to be prepared about the possible outcome.
• Use painkillers – For you to eliminate pain, you can make use of painkillers such as ibuprofen and other recommendable products.
• Start moving – One of the best ways to cut your recovery period is to move as soon as you can. You can start walking slowly if you can already do it for good.
• Stop smoking – Smoking can trigger some possible risks and complications. So, you need to quit smoking so as to avoid any further complications that might happen. Thus, you can have a guarantee that your recovery period will be quicker.
• Stay positive – After the surgery or during your recovery period, it is advisable to always have a good mood. You need to stay positive because it can also help you to boost up positive results.
• Sleep inclined – Being slightly elevated while sleeping is also good so as not to put more pressure on your abdomen.
• Eat healthy – Avoid eating junk foods after your surgery. Try to eat nutritious foods that are rich in vitamins and fatty acids since these foods can help you to repair your body.
• Visit your doctor when complications occur – Visiting your doctor is your ultimate weapon since your surgeon knows the best thing to do just in case some inevitable things happened. So, don’t forget to report an issue to your doctor just in case there is an unintentional occurrence of complications.
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