Plan Your Beach Body Now!

It may seem unusual for Dr. Anna Wooten to discuss obtaining a beautiful “beach body” physique in December, when the temperatures drop and most people avoid the beach at all costs. But spring and summer will be here before you know it! Most plastic surgeons agree that winter is actually an ideal time to plan for, and undergo, cosmetic treatment.

Below, Dr. Wooten explains why.

Allow Adequate Time for Surgery and Recovery

It’s crucial for candidates desiring breast or body surgery to plan ahead. Realistically, it can take weeks to recover from a major operation like breast augmentation, liposuction or tummy tuck — plus additional time for the final results to stabilize and look great. To ensure you are bikini- or board-short ready, give yourself a buffer of several months to have and recover from surgery.

Non-surgical treatments like laser hair removal or vein removal also require a bit of planning. Most candidates require multiple treatments, spaced weeks apart, to see results. It often takes several months to achieve the desired outcomes.

Camouflage Incisions, Swelling and Bruising

The cold temperatures are a perfect excuse to wear long sleeves, pants and jackets, which cover up the signs of surgery such as healing incisions, bandages, support garments and swelling. If you wish to fly under the radar and not attract attention to your appearance as you heal, winter is an ideal time to have surgery.

Hibernate Indoors without Feeling Guilty

It’s not comfortable (or recommended) to spend time in the sun after plastic surgery. Sun exposure is dangerous for healing incisions or skin that has undergone a laser treatment. It can lead to hyper-pigmentation and poor scarring. But during winter, sun exposure isn’t as much of a temptation, especially here in Western Pennsylvania! You won’t be inclined to go outside during the winter, when most people naturally relax and hibernate indoors.

Speaking of hibernating, social calendars typically slow down after the first of the year, once the excitement of the holidays is over. This makes the months of January and February an optimal time to book surgery.

Book a Consultation with Dr. Wooten

If you want a more beautiful body by summer, start planning now by booking a personal consultation with Dr. Wooten to discuss your goals. Call (724) 759-7777 to make an appointment today.

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