Dr. Wooten’s Medical Mission with Surgicorps

Today, Dr. Anna I. Wooten, FACS joins Surgicorps
founder Dr. Jack Demos on a
medical mission to help those in need.

When Dr. Jack Demos retired, he passed his busy plastic surgery practice to Dr. Anna I. Wooten.
After this, he got to work.

Dr. Demos founded Surgicorps International, a non-profit geared towards getting skilled surgeons on the ground in countries where access to comprehensive medical care is hard to come by.

In the third-world countries where Surgicorps operates, access to proper medical care can be hard to come by. That’s why the surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists who volunteer their time and money with Surgicorps can make such a big difference.

Dr. Wooten has already been assigned many of her cases for the mission in Kazakhstan this coming week. She will be doing a lot of complex reconstructive work: cleft palates, cleft noses, and extensive skin grafts.

Birth defects that are typically treated at birth here in the U.S., can often take many years to address in less developed countries, and in some cases can lead to malnutrition or other serious health problems.

Good luck, Dr. Wooten!

She flies out this evening, and will be traveling through several time zones to make it to Astana, where she is scheduled to begin operating at 9:00 AM sharp on Monday morning.

Keep up with the Surgicorps Mission!

We will be posting pictures of Dr. Wooten the current mission in Astana, Kazakhstan on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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