Knowing the Several Reconstructive Surgery Procedures in Pittsburgh

Nowadays, there are a lot of reconstructive plastic surgery procedures in Pittsburgh that are available. In fact, many surgeons offer different procedures so as to improve the function of such body structures as well as to enhance the physical appearance of an individual. Generally, reconstructive surgery is done on abnormal body structures caused by developmental abnormalities, infection, trauma, disease, tumors and even congenital defects. This kind of surgery is typically covered by many health insurance policies. However, there is always a great discrepancy and variation on every specific reconstructive surgical operation.
For you to be able to understand more about the topic, the succeeding discussions are some of the reconstructive surgery procedures that you may explore. You can refer to the following lists so as to explore the different types of surgical operations in line with this kind of surgery:
• Breast reduction or reconstruction – These kinds of procedures are available for women who have undergone a mastectomy procedure. Also, these procedures are performed when a woman has a large breast that may cause back problems or any kind of related health dilemmas. In some instances, there are also some men who undergo breast reduction because they want to reduce the size of their breasts for masculinity outlook.
• Surgeries for hands and feet – These surgeries are available for people who are affected by some problems such as tumors (non-cancerous or cancerous), extra toes or fingers or webbed fingers or toes. There are some people who undergo procedures to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.
• Wound care – Skin grafts and some other reconstructive approaches are available for those individuals who are severely cut or burned. Through the different reconstructive surgery procedures, you will be aided to restore or reconstruct the damage that you have experienced.
• Flap procedures or microsurgery – these kinds of surgeries are performed so as to replace the body parts which were affected by disease or injury, such as vehicular accident and cancer.
• Facial surgeries – There are different treatments that can transform your facial structure into a better one. These kinds of surgeries are done for correction of facial defects like breathing problems, cleft lip and even chronic infections.
With these kinds of reconstructive surgery procedures that are available, anyone has the opportunity to change and repair such problems on their facial structures as well as on their entire body appearance or structures. You may also try any of those reconstructive surgery procedures just in case you have some dilemmas or concerns like tumors, disease or any kind of abnormality. For more information please contact our plastic surgery office at 724-759-7777

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