Gummy Bear Implant for Breast Augmentation Pittsburgh

The FDA recently approved the sale of Mentor’s CPG form stable breast implants in the U.S. This brings the number of manufacturers allowed to sell form stable implants in the United States to three, the other two companies being Sientra and Allergan. It is only a nickname that the surgeons and many people have garnered. In the previous generations, breast implants are consistently using gel or saline. But nowadays, many surgeons utilize a different type of implant to improve their patient’s breasts.
Most of the cosmetic surgeons offer an implant rather than any other kinds of treatment for their breast augmentation. One of the superior breast implants that they may use is the Natrelle 410. Natrelle 410 is a product that is highly cohesive and automatically shaped silicone for breast. This product is popularly known as “Gummy Bear” implant.
Even though the Gummy Bear implant is new, it is already being widely used. This kind of implant was already proven and tested by many surgeons and other experts. In fact, they suggest that the Gummy bear implant is really a good option for breast augmentation.
The Significance of Natrelle 410 Implants for Breast Augmentation
Some people opt to choose some other procedures for the enhancement of their breasts. However, there are also some people who prefer to utilize Natrelle 410 for their breast augmentation. Natrelle 410 implant offer numerous benefits, including:
• Consistency – Since a Natrelle 410 is a gel that is highly cohesive, you can feel its natural softness without affecting the shape of your breast. Once the implant may rupture, the breast can still maintain its natural shape. Thus, there will be no leakage or risk that may occur.
• Shape – The average or natural breast of a person has a straight or concave downward slope from the chest to the nipples. With the Natrelle 410 implants, you can achieve a more natural look and the shape which you are aiming for.
• Versatility – The Natrelle 410 has a wide range of selections when it comes to sizes and shapes. So, all women can find an ideal implant which will be suitable for their taste and preferences.
With these things that were cited above, you can have the assurance that you will achieve the breast augmentation that you aiming for. Contact our plastic surgery Pittsburgh office for more information.

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