Explore a Facial Facelift for Anti-Aging

Facial facelift or Rhytidectomy is one of the treatments that offer youthfulness to people, especially those of an older age. It is also a treatment package which includes pimple popping. In addition, it incorporates injections of neurotoxins like fillers and Botox. Fillers may include hyaluronic acids dermabrasion, ultrasound and even laser treatments.
Facial facelift has different names per set of packages. Some of these are facial rejuvenation and liquid facelift. Facial rejuvenation is a process that reconstructs or transforms the facial appearance of the patients. It uses multiple procedures before the patients reach the final stage. On the other hand, liquid facelift is a treatment that adds contour and volume. It also decreases wrinkles through several important procedures.

Facial Lift Anti-aging In Pittsburgh

Most surgeons offer these two treatment packages because they are minimally invasive procedures in comparison to some other procedures. According to ASAPS or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are numerous women who undergo these treatment packages because of the safety and effectiveness.

Facial facelift – Its Benefits and Advantages

Both men and women may undergo a facial facelift or Rhytidectomy. With this type of procedure, they can rejuvenate their physical appearance and they can even minimize the lines and wrinkles on their face.

Also, Rhytidectomy helps to enhance some visible signs of aging in certain parts of the body, such as:

• Double chin
• Displaced fat
• Drooping in the middle part of the face
• Deep creases on the nose
• Deep creases underneath your lower eyelids
• Loss of muscle tone on some parts of your face
Actually, there are 3 main types of facial facelift surgery and these are the traditional, keyhole surgery and MACS, which is also known as the minimal access cranial suspension. In a traditional facelift, the incision begins on the hairlines, goes on the ears and ends in the lower part of scalp. Sometimes, the deeper layer of the muscles and face are lifted in this procedure. In keyhole surgery, the surgeon creates small incisions on the skin surface of the patient’s face. In most cases, this procedure is typically used for upper facelifts and brow lifts. It also provides minimal scarring and short downtime. In the MACS surgery, there is only a smaller incision on the face. Removal of excess fat and tightening of the facial muscles are done through this small surgical incision.

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