Breast Reduction Improves Confidence

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that doesn’t just alter a woman’s physical dimensions. This transformative procedure can also profoundly improve emotional wellness and quality of life. Breast reductions are also known as reduction mammoplasties, and women who choose to undergo these procedures are seeking relief from both the physical and psychological burdens that frequently accompany overly large breasts.

At Beleza Plastic Surgery, we perform a variety of procedures to ensure that our patients have the confidence to feel good about what makes them unique, while also enjoying everything that accompanies being a woman. Breast reduction surgery is just one of the breast enhancement procedures that Dr. Anna Wooten regularly performs, and her extensive training and compassionate bedside manner have earned her glowing reviews from grateful patients who are delighted with their life-changing results.

About Breast Reductions

Having overly large breasts poses a unique set of challenges. Studies have found that women with overly large breasts are less likely to engage in physical activity and have overall lower levels of satisfaction with their appearance. Luckily, the emotional distress, inability to find clothing that fits well, and the back pain that commonly accompanies this condition can be permanently resolved with a breast reduction surgery. This procedure has extremely high patient satisfaction rates, and can give women much-needed relief. (1)

When Dr. Anna Wooten performs a cosmetic breast reduction, she excises excess mammary tissue and skin to lift the shape of the breast into a more aesthetically pleasing result. Many women are born with naturally larger breasts, which can over time lead to poor posture and a sense of being “weighed down.” 

This was the case with Beleza patient, Sam. She says: “before my reduction, I always felt like my breasts didn’t match the rest of my body.”

After consulting with Dr. Wooten, Sam decided to proceed with a breast reduction surgery to reshape her breasts to a smaller and more elegant size. Breast reduction surgery at Beleza is usually a 3.5-hour procedure and can be combined with liposuction of the axilla (underarm area) and/or lateral chest wall. This allows Dr. Wooten to sculpt natural-looking contours that complement a patient’s unique anatomy. Dr. Wooten also can use supportive mesh scaffolding to reinforce the surgical results for a long-lasting “lifted” look. 

Experience Matters

Dr. Wooten uses the “lollipop” incision, which means there is a circular scar around the areola, and a vertical scar downwards left behind where the excess tissue was excised. Dr. Wooten studied the Brazilian breast lift technique during her final years of plastic surgery residency training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Department of Plastic Surgery. 

During that final year of training, Dr. Wooten spent time in Brazil under the tutelage of renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Ruth Graf and the world-renowned “Godfather of Plastic Surgery,” Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. Dr. Pitanguy was known as “The Maestro” among his clients, who included Sophia Loren, Ursula Andress, and Frank Sinatra. He was a fierce proponent of aesthetic surgery’s ability to bring “the desired serenity to those who suffer by being betrayed by nature.” Patient self-confidence and overall wellness were the cornerstones of his practice, and the techniques that he developed, including the Brazilian Butt Lift, earned him a place in medical history. (2)

All of this training in Brazil helped Dr. Wooten to specialize in all forms of breast surgery, especially lifts and reductions. She incorporates techniques she learned while there (such as the Brazilian breast lift and the lollipop incision) into her breast surgeries.

Beautiful Results

For our Beleza patient Sam, her feelings about her own body improved following her breast reduction surgery. . “…when I finally got the chest I was meant to, I wanted to celebrate and get pictures taken in the prettiest lingerie I’ve ever been able to fit into!”

We are so glad she felt comfortable enough to share her stunning results with us here at Beleza!

If you’ve been thinking about a breast procedure, schedule a personal consultation to get started. Beleza Plastic Surgery has offices conveniently located to serve the greater Pittsburgh area. To reach our Sewickley offices, please call (724) 759-7777. You can reach our downtown Pittsburgh office by calling (412) 877-9388. We look forward to meeting you!


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