Botox for Men

What part of their bodies would most men change? It’s not what you think!

If the statistics are any guideline, then for most men, it’s their face. The face is where we most visibly show our age. Wrinkles, laugh lines, drooping eyelids and more contribute to making men look older than they feel.

That’s why, far and away, Botox and other injections like it are the most popular cosmetic procedures that men seek every year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 6.5 million men sought Botox injections in the year 2014 alone. That’s a more than 300 percent increase in the past fourteen years.


Why are more men seeking Botox every year?


It’s Easy

Botox is commonly referred to as a “lunch break” procedure. It’s relatively inexpensive and the injections can be performed in under an hour, enabling busy professionals to sneak out of the office on lunch, undergo the procedure and get back to work with their coworkers none the wiser. Your face won’t show that you just had an injection and there’s no downtime, but within a week, you’ll notice that your wrinkles have started to smooth over.

It’s Effective

Patients who undergo Botox and other injectables are some of the most satisfied out there. Patient surveys over long periods of time regularly reflect a satisfaction rate well over 90 percent. And while they’re not permanent procedures, they’re easily repeated – if you’re in need of a touch up, your doctor should be able to replicate the previous results in under an hour.

It’s an Investment

Many men seeking Botox claim that the procedure is less about looking better and more about holding on to their professional statuses. A recent AARP study found that two-thirds of workers between 45 and 74 said that at some point, they’d experienced age discrimination at the office. Many high-powered professionals, especially after the recession a few years back, are acutely aware that they need to be more competitive than ever to keep their edge. And part of that is looking youthful.

Right or wrong, studies show that youthfulness pays. A youthful appearance, for both men and women, has been linked to generating more revenue for a company, as well as success in job interviews.

How Botox for Men Works

Botox is one of the most common-yet-misunderstood procedures out there. Many people incorrectly associate it with frozen faces and an inability to emote, but done right, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Botox utilizes a neurotoxin that essentially paralyzes muscle by blocking impulses which would tell your facial muscles to contract. By injecting Botox directly into muscles that would contract and cause wrinkles, the muscles are forced to relax and the wrinkles dissipate in a short period of time.

It’s important to note that, while Botox is considered safe by the FDA, there aren’t many regulations in place for who can inject it. Relatively undertrained workers can legally offer and inject Botox in a variety of different establishments.

For best results, choose a licensed medical professional, like those at Beleza Plastic Surgery, for your Botox procedure. It is, after all, a neurotoxin, and injected incorrectly, it can be dangerous.

If you’re a man who wants Botox done right, call Beleza Plastic Surgery today to make your appointment.

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