What Exactly IS the “Yoga Pants Effect?”

Breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants is by far Dr. Wooten’s most popular plastic surgery procedure, and has been since she founded Beleza. But now, we are beginning to see an increase in demand for other procedures.

Labiaplasty was almost unheard of eight years ago when Dr. Wooten started her practice, but now she performs them every week! Perhaps this jump is due to an increase in attention to grooming “down there,” or perhaps it is the result of the Yoga Pants Effect. 

Yoga pants are comfortable, tight, and practically ubiquitous. Look around next time you are at the library, getting lunch, or grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Lycra-clad legs are everywhere!

The increased visibility of the pubic area may be one of the reasons labiaplasty seems to be trending in Pittsburgh.

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