Time for a Breast Revision?

Often, many years after having their initial surgery, women come to Dr. Wooten for a revision of their breast augmentation. Whether patients have had implants since the 80’s, or have relocated far away from their original plastic surgeon, many women come to Beleza seeking breast augmentation revision in Pittsburgh. This can involve removing and replacing the old implants with fat or new implants. Sometimes, patients may even need a lift in conjunction with their revision procedure. Dr. Wooten works to rejuvenate the breast and restore its youthful shape.

Some of the reasons patients want to approach Dr. Wooten to revise old augmentations are:

1. Capsular Contracture
The most worrisome issue is “capsular contracture,” which has less to do with the implants themselves and more to do with complications that arise from the implant surgery.

Capsular contracture is the technical term for when scar tissue around the implants forms and hardens to form a “capsule” around the implant. Not only can this make the implant feel harder, but it can lead to pain, discomfort, and asymmetry.

2. Older Saline Implants Were Harder
Silicone implants have always been softer than saline implants. But it took a long time for the FDA to approve silicone to be as safe and effective as saline.

These days, however, both silicone and saline represent viable options for breast augmentation, with many people opting for silicone due to its softness.

3. Implants Placed Many Years Ago Can Lead to Sagging
Breast implants be placed both over and under the muscle, and the decision depends on the extent of the procedure and your body type. If your implants were placed over the muscle many years ago, chances are that time could have led to some degree of sagging. A revision surgery with Dr. Wooten can correct this by either changing the placement of the implant to under the muscle, or by adding a lift.


breast augmentation revision pittsburgh
A revision performed by Dr. Wooten. In this situation, Dr. Wooten removed the patients old implants and changed placement of the new ones, all in conjunction with a breast lift.


Are you considering a revision procedure for your breast implants? Give our office a call to set up a consultation with Dr. Wooten.

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