The Implant Look… Without an Implant?

The bad news: for a long time, patients who wanted to create a more youthful look for their breasts, but didn’t necessarily wish to add volume, only had a few options. A traditional breast lift worked in the short term, but would likely lose its effect over time. Inserting breast implants along with the lift procedure might help, but this option would not have been ideal for patients unwilling or unable to place implants into their bodies.


The good news: now, there’s a better way to get a long-lasting lift without implants. It’s called the Brazilian Breast Lift, and Dr. Wooten has studied this exciting new technique in Brazil in order to deliver the best results for her patients.


The idea behind the Brazilian Breast Lift is simple. During the ‘lift’ procedure, the patient’s breasts are augmented, not with implants, but with the patient’s own existing tissue. This innovation has led some to say that the Brazilian Breast Lift gives the patient an “implant look without the implant.”


Not every surgeon is capable of performing this procedure. In order to master this technique, Dr. Wooten studied in Brazil for several weeks with renowned surgeon, Dr. Ruth Graf. By learning from the best, Dr. Wooten was able to begin offering this type of breast lift to patients in the Pittsburgh area.


The Brazilian Breast Lift might be for you if you:

  • Desire lifted, more youthful breasts;
  • Don’t wish to add a significant amount of volume;
  • Desire long-term results;
  • Don’t want breast implants.


If you’re interested in learning more about the Brazilian Breast Lift Dr. Wooten performs in Pittsburgh, click here or call us today, at (724) 759-7777.

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