The Beauty of IPL

Patients are always asking Dr. Wooten, “What do YOU do?” and “Why does your skin look so good?” Dr. Wooten has access to all of the innovative and time-tested technologies that we offer at Beleza, but among her favorites are IPL photofacials.

IPL photofacials are light-based treatments which target pigmentation in the skin. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, and, although the wavelength of the IPL treatment is not in the laser spectrum and so cannot be classified as a true laser, IPL works very much like a laser to target both red and brown irregular pigmentation.

IPL treatments are also sometimes called BBL facials. Either way you call it, the photofacial therapy has been popular in plastic surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices for many decades now. IPL is the gold standard for treating pigmentation.

During an IPL photofacial, the wavelength of light targets irregular pigmentation. Brown pigment darkens immediately after treatment and then slowly rises up to the surface of the skin during the week following treatment, and flakes off with your skin’s natural cycle of exfoliation.

The Beauty of IPL Pittsburgh

During this healing period, it is extremely important not to pick at, scratch, or otherwise irritate the sensitive skin. Red pigmentation is targeted effectively as well. IPL constricts small broken blood vessels in the skin, and helps normalize superficial blood flow in patients who suffer from inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea.

Dr. Wooten loves IPL photofacials for herself because IPL not only targets pigment, but also can have a mild resurfacing effect on the skin and helps to fight active acne. IPL will not offer a true resurfacing (for this, you may be interested in ResurFX or Morpheus8), but it can help to smooth irregular texture and large pores.

IPL photofacials are often recommended to be done in a series. Patients, especially those struggling with chronic conditions like rosacea, may often benefit from regular maintenance treatments.

The Beauty of IPL Pittsburgh

It is important to consider the potential risks of any treatment, and IPL is no exception. Because IPL is a light-based treatment, it can have a sun-sensitizing effect. This means that it is contra-indicated for people who tan or otherwise have significant UVA/UVB exposure. Dr. Wooten often encourages patients to have their IPL series done from fall to springtime, so they can still enjoy outdoor activities in the hot Pittsburgh summers – with sunscreen, of course!

Consultations with our licensed aesthetician are complimentary, and this is a great way to be evaluated for a treatment plan. IPL photofacials are a great way to brighten your skin in the wintertime, and can be implemented hand-in-hand with a clinical-grade skincare routine. Call us to schedule your IPL consultation at (724) 759-7777.

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