New Split-Muscle Technique

Many skinnier, more athletic women shy away from breast augmentation because they think that the result might not look natural, or that it might get in the way of their active lifestyle.

Fortunately, that’s not necessarily true. Using the “split-muscle” technique, Dr. Anna Wooten can effectively place breast implants that look great, especially on athletic frames.

In most cases, breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, which requires that the muscle be cut from its attachment to the chest. When the muscle is cut, it stands a chance of healing to the implant’s scar capsule, which can lead to “animation deformities:” basically, the implant may appear to ripple near the bottom, especially when the muscle is flexed.

When Dr. Wooten uses the split muscle technique, however, the upper portion of the implant is placed under the muscle, while the lower portion rests on top of the muscle. This means that the surgeon does not have to cut the muscle’s attachment to the chest. Not only does this minimize the chance of animation deformity, but it avoids sacrificing muscle strength as well.

This technique can also lead to more natural-looking implants on smaller frames. For some women, implants placed the traditional way (totally over or under the muscle) may appear to be much rounder than a natural breast.

With the split-muscle technique, however, only the upper portion of the implant is placed under the chest muscle. The muscle then pushes down on the top of the implant, producing a more natural teardrop shape while promoting projection and perkiness.

Because of these benefits, splitting the muscle can make natural-looking breast implants a reality for women with smaller, athletic builds. If you’ve been considering breast augmentation in Pittsburgh, but you weren’t sure if it would work for your body type, then this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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