Breast Reduction Surgery Pittsburgh

Performed by Dr. Anna Wooten of Beleza Plastic Surgery

Breast reduction removes skin tissue and fat to contour the breast to a more manageable size for your body. Dr. Anna Wooten performs short scar breast reduction utilizing the lollipop incision. Following a breast reduction, the breast is lifted into a more youthful position with the scar extending from the fold of the breast directly to the nipple.


Dr. Wooten has helped women from Pittsburgh to Cranberry Township and beyond look and feel their best with cosmetic surgery. Contact us online today or call 724-759-7777 to schedule your breast reduction consultation.

Listen as Taylor describes her Breast Reduction experience at Beleza.


Remember, each patient’s experience is different, and this patient’s story may not be the same as yours.

Before & After Gallery of Dr. Wooten's Patients

Pittsburgh Breast Reduction Results

Patient 1*

This petite female felt overpowered by her large breasts and scheduled an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Wooten to discuss her options. She is 5’0″ tall and weighed 124 lbs prior to the surgery. A bilateral breast reduction was deemed medically necessary and the procedure went very well, removing a significant amount of breast tissue. She is pleased with her results, and was excited to resume her usual activities shortly after surgery.

Pittsburgh Breast Reduction Patient

Patient 2*

This patient was young, but already experiencing back pain as a result of her large breasts, so she came to see Dr. Wooten for a consultation. They decided that this patient was a good candidate for a medically necessary bilateral breast reduction because her breast size was interfering with her normal everyday activities. The surgery went as planned, and the patient was happy to be able to resume her normal activities shortly after surgery.

Breast reduction Pittsburgh before and after pictures 1

Patient 3*

This patient was young, but she had already been struggling with overlarge breasts for years before coming to Beleza to consult with Dr. Wooten regarding a breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty) procedure. Not only did her large breasts make exercise difficult, but she hated the way she looked in tops, and struggled to find clothing that was cute and also appropriate for her chest. After her surgery, she recovered well, and she is pictured on the right at three years post-procedure.


Patient 4*

Aging and weight loss left this patient unhappy with the appearance of her torso, so she scheduled an appointment to come in and meet with Dr. Wooten to discuss her options during a consultation. The 55 year old patient is 5’2″, and weighed 145 lbs at the time. Together they decided that the best way to rejuvenate her breasts would be with a bilateral breast reduction. The surgery was combined with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure, and the patient is very happy with her younger-looking contours.


Patient 5*

This patient’s breasts were both overlarge and uneven. In order to achieve her best result, Dr. Wooten performed a bilateral reduction mammaplasty, and removed different amounts of tissue from each side. The result, shown on the right at seven months after her procedure, is a much lighter, even, and lifted bust.


Patient 6*


Patient 7*

At 20 years old, 5’1″, and 110 lbs, she struggled with her large breast size. She experienced neck and back pain and generally restricted movement because of their size. During her consultation with Dr. Wooten, a bilateral breast reduction was deemed to be medically necessary. The procedure went very smoothly, and the patient is very pleased with her results.


Patient 8*


Patient 9*


Patient 10*

Following the births of her children, this 35 year-old female felt ready to get her Mommy Makeover. Standing at 5’8″ and weighing 184 lbs, her breasts were big for her frame and too cumbersome for her active lifestyle. Her breast reduction procedure went smoothly, and she is very pleased with the appearance of her breasts, shown right.

*Please note, while all ‘before & after’s shown on our website are real Beleza patients, this does not imply that your result will look exactly like any of them. Outcomes are highly individual, and depend greatly on your procedure and your anatomy, as well as your post-operative compliance.

Breast Reduction Candidates

Women seek breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, to avoid unwanted attention or to increase self-confidence. Whether you suffer from chronic pains or you’re just looking to balance your physique, a breast reduction may be an option for you. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Wooten to see if you are indeed a candidate for surgery.

The Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is an inpatient procedure that usually lasts between 3-5 hours. In most cases, you’ll be able to leave the hospital and return home on surgery day.

Lollipop Incision

There are two incision methods used by plastic surgeons in breast reduction surgery.

  • lollipop incision
  • anchor incision

Dr. Wooten uses the lollipop Incision method which offers quicker recovery with less scarring. This method, named after the small lollipop-shaped scar produced, preserves the upper breast, the part responsible for cleavage and perkiness. With this breast reduction technique, the top half of your breasts become fuller, while the bottom of the breast narrows, creating the ideal breast shape.

During the procedure, Dr. Wooten will remove:

  • Excess skin
  • Excess glandular tissue
  • Fat

Afterwards, Dr. Wooten repositions the nipple and areola higher up on the breast. At this time, the nipple may also be reduced in size.

Quick Recovery

With the lollipop breast reduction technique, you can gain a more proportional silhouette while freeing yourself from chronic pain. Even better, there is minimal recovery time needed. Because your surgical wounds won’t require drains, there will be less post-op pain. You can also expect less overall swelling and bruising. Most women return to work less than 1 week after surgery.

Breast Reduction FAQs

How much breast tissue do I need to remove to get rid of back pain?

Dr. Wooten’s response to most larger-breasted women who want to remove almost all of their breast tissue and go down to an A cup is that it will likely look odd on their body. Often, the best size from women who are shedding that much breast tissue is a full C or a D cup. She often lets women know that they will still feel much lighter, but will have enough breast tissue to still look proportional. Of course, her response varies from patient to patient, and may be different after she examines you.

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