3D Nipple Tattooing Pittsburgh

3-D Nipple Tattooing Done by Anastasia at Beleza Plastic Surgery & Medi-Spa in Pittsburgh, PA

Breast cancer threatens the lives of thousands of women every year.  Mastectomies saves lives of women affected by breast cancer, but many women lose their natural breasts and nipples in the process.  Following this, many women will opt for reconstruction.  At Beleza Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh, Anastasia Wooten performs 3-D Nipple Tattooing as a final step in breast reconstruction in order to create the illusion of a real nipple atop the reconstructed breast.  Done well, 3D Nipple Tattooing mimics the colors and variation of a natural nipple.

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Patient 1*

Nipple tattooing done on a unilateral mastectomy patient by Anastasia Wooten, CPCP. This patient had a previous nipple tattoo done many years ago, which had faded. Anastasia created a new areola for her using a 3D technique, for a more natural-looking result.


Candidates for 3D Nipple Tattooing in Pittsburgh

  • Those who have lost their nipple(s) to breast cancer
  • Those who may wish to darken or change the color of their natural nipples


The Procedure

Prior to treatment, you will be numbed (and a topical numbing agent will be frequently reapplied throughout the procedure). Then, it will be time to design the nipple. It would be helpful if you have a photo of what your nipples used to look like – as a point of refence for color and size. Then, Anastasia will tattoo the nipple. The 3D approach means that she will use shading techniques to make it appear as the though the nipple protrudes from the skin, just like a real nipple! Anastasia uses inly iron oxide pigments made here in the USA that are compliant with the standards set by the SPCP.


Recovery Following 3D Nipple Tattooing

The recovery following nipple tattooing is rather matter-of-fact. You will be sent home with post-operative care instructions and packets of antibiotic ointment and healing ointment. You will receive instructions on how to clean and care for the newly tattooed nipple.

3-D Nipple Tattooing following reconstruction after breast cancer Pittsburgh PA

3D Nipple Tattooing is done to recreate the appearance of a real nipple following reconstruction after breast cancer. Many Pittsburgh women affected by breast cancer choose to reconstruct their breasts, and complete the process with Areola Creation (Nipple Tattooing).

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