The Labiaplasty, Newly Popular in Pittsburgh

Labiaplasty, a relatively quick procedure in which the labia are resculpted and rejuvenated, is more common than you might think.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of labiaplasties performed in 2014 increased 49 percent, from 5,070 to 7,535.


Here at Beleza Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wooten performs many labiaplasties every year.
A variety of different types of procedures fall under the umbrella of labiaplasty. The most common is the reduction of labia minora, which may extend past the labia majora or outer lips. By removing excess skin, we can reshape and resize your labia so that you feel more comfortable with your body.

Some women have the opposite concern. Their labial area might be too bony, resulting in unwanted wrinkles and discomfort during intercourse. In these cases, we can actually use fat from other areas of your body for augmentation and sculpting, resulting in a more attractive, comfortable pubic area.

Patients seek labiaplasty for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Enlarged labia can be extremely uncomfortable for women, making sex or exercise difficult and painful to engage in. Some women may feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits or revealing clothing due to fear of their labia producing a bulky bulge. These issues might arise as early as puberty or they might be a consequence of aging or childbirth.

Fortunately, since the advent of labiaplasty, you don’t have to live with labia that you’re uncomfortable with.
The procedure generally takes one to two hours, with a recovery time of a few weeks. The outcome might be subtle or invisible to the casual observer, but if you’re unhappy with your labia, labiaplasty could be a huge boost to your comfort level and self-esteem.


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