We Should ALL Be ‘Sleeping Beauties’

“I need my beauty sleep… literally.

That’s what you should be saying when you are asked to stay out an extra hour on the weekend, when you can already feel your body crying out for rest.

Studies show that, in order to look and feel your best, you do literally need to nine hours of sleep¹.

When you don’t get the rest your body needs (and deserves), you suffer.

Not getting enough sleep stresses your system out, which, in turn, wreaks havoc on your body’s immune system, causes breakouts, limits the restorative properties a good night’s sleep can give you, and leaves you bleary-eyed for the next day².

No eye cream can do what a proper R.E.M. cycle can accomplish!

Restful sleep is your body’s “Beauty Reset” button.

When you do regularly go through a full sleep cycle, your body’s collagen production chugs along without the added stress of sleep deprivation (no thanks, wrinkles), blood circulation increases (bye-bye, dark circles), and you maintain your normal production level of growth hormone³ (hello, glowing skin). Growth hormone is associated with cellular regeneration and skin cell regrowth.

By maxing out your ZZZ’s, you are investing your time in your own ‘anti-aging’ savings account.

Invest in rest.

To get the best sleep possible, unplug. Your cell phone, TV, and laptop are all sources of distraction. For a restful night’s sleep, stop using them half an hour before hitting the sheets.

…Speaking of sheets,

make sure that you are sleeping on some high quality bedding. Sleeping on silk minimizes your excess oil production, helps to prevent wrinkles, and, as an added bonus helps prevent bad-hair days!

Make the most of bed-time.

Give our office a call to set up your personalized skincare consultation with our licensed aesthetician, to go over what products your skin needs.

Certain products will work best at night, such as the award-winning SkinBetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream, or our NeoCutis MicroNight Essentials.

Fake it ’til you make it.

No time? For your own health, consider rearranging your schedule.

In the meantime, Beleza offers the best and most advanced eye creams on the market, filler injections to fill undereye hollows, Botox to relax wrinkles, and the best high-coverage makeup designed to hide dark circles.


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