Implants Need Time to “Settle” After Surgery

Before The Consultation

When patients begin the process of researching their breast augmentation surgery, they commonly do a lot of online research. After poring through website after website, and scrolling through Instagram after Instagram, many patients come into their Beleza consult with a strong idea of what they may be looking for.

While all this online research is wonderful, it sometimes leaves us with a perhaps unrealistic expectation of what to expect right after surgery! In real life, breast augmentation results take several months to develop (much longer than the quick snapshot a “before and after” photo set can provide.

Why does it take several months to achieve the final breast augmentation result?​

When breast implant are placed, Dr. Wooten creates a “pocket” in the patient’s natural breast anatomy. This “pocket” is the space in which the implant is placed. When the pocket is first created, it is still fresh and very tight. This is absolutely normal.

In a tight pocket, the breast implant rides high on the chest wall, and will lend a very ‘taut’ look to the patient’s chest, especially in the first days/weeks after surgery. As the patient progresses after their breast augmentation surgery, the pocket softens and accommodates the newly placed implant. Slowly, the implant descends into a more natural position.

Typically, most patients have settled into their final look by about sic months post-op, however some settling may continue to occur for up to one year after surgery. This is why a set of “before and after” pictures that were taken within a few weeks of surgery look very different from a set of “before and after” pictures that were taken a year after surgery.

Interested in learning more about breast augmentation?

Dr. Wooten offers both in-person and virtual consultations. In either type of appointment, she uses 3-D virtual imaging to simulate what your results may look like. At your in-person visit, you will have measurements taken of your chest wall and the diameter between your breasts to determine the right implant size and style for you. You will then be able to try on your implants to see if you like the size on you! To schedule your personal Beleza consultation, call our office at 724 759-7777.

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