Find out the Difference between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

If you would like to enhance your total physical appearance through surgical procedures, then it is a must to know the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.
The difference between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery lies in their purposes. The following descriptions show the differences between these two kinds of surgical operations.
1. Cosmetic surgery – This kind of surgery is performed not because of health issues or any deformities, but instead, is performed in order to enhance your total physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery alters the features of your face or some parts of your body. However, the primary purpose of this procedure is to enhance your physical appearance which will also enhance your self-confidence. Since this kind of plastic surgery is voluntary, it is not covered by some insurance companies. Only few institutions offer discounts and offers that can aid you in financing your cosmetic surgery. Some examples of cosmetic surgery include tummy tuck surgery, hair replacement, facial surgery like brow lift or facelift, and anti-aging procedures like injectable fillers. Usually, breast augmentation is considered cosmetic surgery. However, if breast augmentation is performed to reconstruct one of your breasts due to cancer, then it is considered reconstructive plastic surgery.
2. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery – This kind of surgical operation involves the repairing of an irregular facial feature or body part. In some instances, reconstructive plastic surgery may be necessary because of the following:
a. Birth defects (like fixing a cleft lip)
b. Trauma (like repairing of a broken nose)
c. Infection
d. Disease and tumors
e. Developmental abnormalities
Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to enhance the function of your body parts, to alter or change a deformity into a more natural appearance and to alleviate some health complications linked with any abnormality. Since this kind of surgery is for restoration and reconstruction of body parts or facial features, this surgery is covered by many health insurance policies. However, the insurance coverage for specific procedures varies from one policy to another.

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