FAQ about Lower Body Lift Surgery

Lower Body Lift Surgery Pittsburgh Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a lower body lift procedure following significant weight loss considered cosmetic or can it be covered by insurance?

A: This is a good question. It varies from patient to patient, depending on factors like the amount of weight lost, the amount and placement of excess loose skin, and the patient’s insurance provider. Often, when significant weight loss has led to large skin folds and very little skin elasticity, the only effective way to remove the folds is surgically. In many cases, this is not considered cosmetic and is covered by insurance. However, this can only be determined during a consultation with Dr. Wooten.

Q: What regions of the body are addressed by a lower body lift?

A: Typically, lower body lifts tighten the skin all the way around a patient’s midsection. The surgery varies from patient to patient according to their needs, so it may be more or less extensive than the standard.

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