Repair Gauged Ears – Earlobe Repair in Pittsburgh

With gauged earlobes, you might fit right in at Mr. Small’s Skate Park or at a punk show.
At the office? Not so much. If you’ve outgrown your gauges, there is a solution: Beleza Plastic Surgery offers earlobe repair to make your ears look as good as new.

Chances are, when you first started gauging your ears, someone warned you that you’d regret it. What most people don’t realize, however, is that gauged earlobes don’t have to be permanent. Earlobe repair is a relatively easy and cost-effective procedure. Once you’re healed, few will be able to tell that you ever stretched your earlobes in the first place.

The process is simple. Dr. Wooten removes the stretched skin from your ear and sutures the site closed, leaving your earlobes in the shape that they were before gauges. The sutures are absorbable, making the recovery process simple & straightforward. This surgery is just as useful for starting over as it is for eliminating your piercings completely. If you’re unhappy with your gauges, earlobe reconstruction will give you a chance to repair the damage.

To trade in your gauges for more understated earrings, you just have to wait a few months! Most patients are cleared to pierce their ears again about three months after the procedure. This can be done at during one of your follow-up appointments at Beleza.

If you’ve outgrown your gauges, we can help. Call (724) 759-7777 to schedule your appointment to go from punk to professional!

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