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Like a chemical peel, microdermabrasion exfoliates the face, sloughing away dead skin cells. It’s a physical exfoliation that can be paired with a routine of chemical exfoliations for best results, though it’s not necessary to do so.

At Beleza Plastic Surgery’s Medi-spa, Pittsburgh we’ve invested in a top-of-the-line Bella Microdermabrasion machine to ensure that we’re giving our patients the highest level of service possible. By pairing advanced technology with the expertise of our licensed medical professionals, we deliver a higher standard of medi-spa treatment, all at just a phone call away.


Laser Hair Removal:

What makes Beleza’s laser hair removal services better? Two things: our advanced laser, the LightSheer Duet, and our certified physician assistant, Marissa Casoli.

Compared to lower-quality, outdated laser systems, the LightSheer Duet is comparatively pain-free. Many patients used to avoid laser treatments because, despite their effectiveness, they hurt too much. But while those lasers caused a lasting painful burning feeling, the Duet causes only mild discomfort: well worth removing unwanted hair for a long time after.

Not only that, but the Duet is also more effective than older lasers. If you go to a medi-spa with an outdated laser, you might have to suffer through a procedure that takes as long as an hour for large areas like the legs or back. With the Duet, the same procedure would take about twenty minutes, and it hurts less!

The effectiveness of our laser is in no small part due to the skill of the woman operating it. Marissa Casoli has been a part of the Beleza family since 2011, and unlike most laser hair removal technicians, she holds an advanced medical degree, as well as a certification from the National Commission for the Certification of Physician Assistants. When you trust your laser hair removal procedure to Marissa, you can be sure that you’re in good hands – and that you’ll be back to work before your lunch break ends.


Intense Pulse Light Photofacial:

Like our other lasers, the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine employs light energy to target the skin. IPL, though, is focused on promoting healthy, youthful skin. IPL can address all sorts of issues with the skin, including sun damage, rosacea, and more.

IPL doesn’t actually target the top layer of skin like many of the other procedures discussed above. Rather, it uses light energy to heat deeper layers of skin, stimulating blood vessels and collagen development. The skin then naturally heals itself, gradually becoming more youthful and radiant.

The procedure lasts for around 20 minutes, and though there might be some redness, there won’t be any downtime.


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