Different Types of Cosmetic Surgery Procedures and Their Significance

Cosmetic plastic surgery is divided into two main types: surgical and non-surgical methods. Both of these are useful for patients since they provide improvement. Either of these methods can help you reshape your body. When undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures, it is essential to know their classification – surgical or non-surgical – since both of these methods have different considerations. You would want to make sure everything would be in accordance with your purpose.
First and foremost, you need to know the different cosmetic surgery procedures offered. By knowing all these procedures, you can choose the best one for your body and preferences. The following will give you an idea about the different types of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and their significance:
Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery
Rhinoplasty, or what is commonly known as a nose job, is a type of cosmetic surgery that enhances the proportion and appearance of your nose which also enhances your facial harmony and overall self-confidence. Rhinoplasty can also correct impaired breathing caused by some structural abnormalities.
Undergoing this procedure can help people change the following:
• Nose width (at the bridge)
• Nose size (in relation to some other structures of the face)
• Nose profile that has bridge depressions or visible humps
• Nasal deviation and asymmetry
• Nostrils that are wide, upturned and large
• Nasal tip which is bulbous or large, too upturned or drooping.
Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck
An abdominoplasty procedure can remove excessive fatty tissues and skin from specific parts of your body. Most people aim for a well-toned and flat abdomen. That’s why they are always doing their best when it comes to exercise, weight control and their overall lifestyle.
A tummy tuck is a procedure that can create big changes in your total appearance. This procedure is good for those people who are aiming for significant changes to their:
• Body contour
• Overall body structure
• Abdomen that needs to be flattened
Augmentation Mammaplasty or Breast Augmentation
Augmentation mammoplasty, commonly known as breast augmentation, is a surgical method that can increase the projection and fullness of your breasts. It can also improve the symmetry of your breasts that leads to a better overall physical appearance. Surgeons offer this surgical placement of implants to their patients for the following reasons:
• To enlarge a naturally small breast.
• To restore the volume of breasts which was lost due to pregnancy, breast feeding or losing weight.
• To achieve symmetry if breasts are moderately out of proportion in shape or size.
• To enhance self-confidence or self-image.
If you are not satisfied with the size and shape of your breasts, then you may consider breast augmentation surgery. It can help you achieve your desired appearance.
Lipoplasty or Liposuction
Lipoplasty, also known as liposuction, can slim and reshape specific areas of your body through removing deposits of excess fat. This procedure can improve the proportion and contour of your body as well as enhance your self-image.
Lipoplasty can be utilized for treating fat pockets in any part of your body including:
• Hips, thighs and buttocks
• Neck, arms and back
• Inner knee
• Waist and abdomen
• Chin and cheeks
• Ankles and calves
• Chest
In most cases, liposuction surgery is performed alone. However, there are some patients who undergo some other procedure like breast reduction, a tummy tuck or facelift in combination with this procedure.
Rhytidectomy or Facelift Surgery
If you are worried about the signs of aging on your face, then facelift surgery may be for you. Generally, rhytidectomy, or what is commonly known as facelift surgery, is a kind of surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging on your neck and face. This surgical method can generally enhance the following:
• Deep creases under the lower eyelids
• Deep creases on your nose and mouth corner
• Sagging on your mid-face
• Losses of muscle tone on your lower face
• Excess deposits of fatty tissue and loose skin under your jaw and chin
• Fallen or displaced fats
Mastopexy or Breast Lift Procedure
Mastopexy, commonly known as breast lift surgery, is one of the most common surgical operations that firms and raises the breasts through skin excess removal. It can also tighten the surrounding tissues of the breasts in order to give a new shape and support the new contour of the breasts.
Women can drastically enhance their appearance through a breast lift procedure. They can even improve the size and shape of their breasts which were lost due to:
• Gravity
• Aging
• Heredity
• Weight fluctuations
• Pregnancy
• Breastfeeding
Otoplasty or Ear Surgery
Otoplasty, commonly known as ear surgery, is a type of operation that can enhance the position, proportion and shape of your ears. It can even correct a defect in your ear structure which had been present since the day you were born or because of an injury.
Otoplasty can create a natural shape while providing proportion and balance to your ears and face. It can correct minor deformities which may improve your self-esteem. Consider this kind of surgical treatment if you want to improve the following:
• Protruding ears that occur on one or even on both sides in different degrees
• Overly large ears or what is commonly called macrotia
• Dissatisfaction with past ear surgery
The different cosmetic operations mentioned are just some of the procedures offered. There are other procedures which you may learn about through a consultation with your doctor.

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