Worried About Breast Augmentation Scarring?

Augmentation with implants can improve the look of your breasts – but what about the scars? Many patients worry that the scarring might undermine the overall effect of their breast enhancement procedure.

Fortunately, that anxiety is often unfounded – especially at Beleza. Dr. Wooten employs a variety of approaches that combine optimal implant placement with optimal scar placement. You’ll get what you want out of your procedure – and you won’t have to worry about any distracting scarring.

Breast implants are generally put into place through the crease under the breast called the inframammary fold. Placing the incision here has multiple benefits. This way, the surgeon doesn’t have to cut through structures like milk ducts that enable the breasts to function. With a well-placed incision, the scar will heal under the fold of the breast, so it won’t be readily visible.

Additionally, some patients wonder whether Breast Augmentation will affect future breast feeding. This is a valid question. Breast implants should not interfere with the normal function of the breast. However pregnancy and breast-feeding cause weight and other body fluctuations, which undermine the lasting effect of plastic surgery, so Dr. Wooten does recommend that patients wait until after they have had children to undergo any type of breast implant surgery.

Sometimes, though, cutting through the inframammary fold isn’t the best option. For smaller, perkier breasts, for instance, the scar might still be visible even if it is placed under the crease.

In these cases, the surgeon might opt to cut around or through the areola. For many women, this is the best option, and the color and texture of the skin surrounding the incision will likely blend well with any scarring, leading to a mark that’s barely visible.

Placing the incision in the belly button is also possible, though it isn’t very common, and typically, this is not practiced here at Beleza. With this type of procedure, the surgeon cuts in at the bellybutton and makes her way to the breast, putting an empty saline implant into position, which is then filled. The resulting scar on the upper edge of the bellybutton is less than an inch long.

Every Breast Augmentation procedure Dr. Wooten performs is highly individualized, so it is hard to say exactly which approach is right for you until you have a consultation with your surgeon. The important takeaway is that scarring from Breast Augmentation is typically minimal. A skilled plastic surgeon will be able to place your incision where it won’t take away from your newly enhanced breasts – and so that you have the best result possible.

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