Earlobe Repair Pittsburgh

Performed by Dr. Wooten of Beleza Plastic Surgery

Whether your earlobes are stretched from a lifetime of wearing heavy jewelry or from gauging, Dr. Anna Wooten can restore the original appearance of your ears. In an earlobe repair procedure, Dr. Wooten cuts away excess, hanging skin and closes the incision with absorbable sutures. Your newly repaired ear will be completely free of holes and you will be able to repierce them if desired.


Dr. Wooten has helped men and women from Pittsburgh to Cranberry Township and beyond look and feel their best with cosmetic surgery. Contact us online today or call 724-759-7777 to schedule your earlobe repair consultation.

Earlobe repair surgery before and after pictures

Patient 1*

This patient had outgrown her ear plugs, and had Dr. Wooten close them. The procedure to repair earlobes is a relatively simple process, and can be done in our office under local anesthetic. Her result, pictured right, shows her earlobe only a few months post-procedure.

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*Please note, while all ‘before & after’s shown on our website are real Beleza patients, this does not imply that your result will look exactly like any of them. Outcomes are highly individual, and depend greatly on your procedure and your anatomy, as well as your post-operative compliance.

Candidates for Earlobe Repair

For those who have been wearing heavy earrings for many years, earlobes may become stretched, sometimes even torn or split. Repair of a torn earlobe may be covered by the patient’s insurance policy. In consultation, Dr. Wooten will explore possible insurance coverage. She will also discuss the operative steps of the procedure and any change in ear contour that may come as a result of the surgery.

The Surgery

Earlobe repair is a simple, in-office procedure that can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. It is performed under local anesthetic in our office, so risk is minimal.

Recovery After Earlobe Repair

After your earlobe repair surgery, a clean dressing will be placed over the sutured incision, which you will wear for a few days. Some discomfort and minor swelling may be experienced in the immediate days after the procedure. Because the sutures used are absorbable, there is no need to return to the office to have them removed.

After approximately three months of healing time, you are welcome to come back to Beleza Plastic Surgery to have your ears re-pierced – free of charge.

Earlobe Repair FAQs

How long do I have to wait to have my ears pierced again?

Dr. Wooten recommends most patients wait until their scar tissue is healed – this usually means that she will re-pierce a patient’s ears three months following their procedure.

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