Brachioplasty / Arm Lift Pittsburgh

Performed by Dr. Anna Wooten of Beleza Plastic Surgery

As we age, so does our skin. This often leaves us with a loss of elasticity in certain areas that may not be aesthetically pleasing. The upper arm skin can become flabby, dimply and loose. Even those who engage in regular exercise, such as strength training or Pilates, may not be able to lessen the sagging skin that develops in this area. Arm lift surgery (a.k.a. brachioplasty) corrects this by removing the excess skin and fat on the arm.

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Arm lift patient in Pittsburgh shows before and after surgery

Patient 1*

This patient was in her late 50’s when she came in to meet with Dr. Wooten concerning the excess fat and skin she had in her upper arms. She decided to have her brachioplasty performed by Dr. Wooten, and she is shown on the right-hand side at about one year and four months following her surgery.

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Patient 2*

At age 49, this patient decided she finally wanted to take car of the excess flab in her upper arms. Sge had her brachioplasty done by Dr. Wooten to correct the excess skin. On the right, she is shown about a year and a half after her procedure.

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Patient 3*

In her mid-fifties, this patient had a brachioplasty done in addition to her tummy tuck. On the right she is shown at six months following her procedure, with much more slender arms.

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*Please note, while all ‘before & after’s shown on our website are real Beleza patients, this does not imply that your result will look exactly like any of them. Outcomes are highly individual, and depend greatly on your procedure and your anatomy, as well as your post-operative compliance.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Overview

Like a “tummy tuck for the arms,” an arm lift is a skin-tightening surgery that involves removing the excess skin of the upper arms. The surgery simply results in tighter and firmer arms. Additionally, an arm lift, with or without liposuction, can help create balance in your figure. You’ll see a more sculpted upper arm that complements the rest of your body type. Essentially, good candidates for brachioplasty are those who have experienced a loosening of the skin, whether it is due to weight loss or aging. It’s also worth noting that today’s techniques are increasingly safer with less visible scarring.

The Surgery

Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure. It is performed under general anesthesia. Local numbing medicine may also be applied depending on circumstances. Generally speaking, the procedure takes about 2 hours to perform. However, patients often request an arm lift as part of a series of procedures, which sometimes include liposuction or a full Mommy Makeover. These cases may require an overnight stay. After surgery, your arm is wrapped with a compression garment. The use of drain tubes will minimize any risk of infection. In most cases (standard arm lift) the surgery results in a faint line scar extending from the armpit to the elbow on the inner half of the arm. If your are a candidate for a short-scar arm lift, your scar, a small curved line, will be completely hidden in the armpit.


With brachioplasty, swelling and bruising will occur. However, keeping your arm elevated will improve circulation and help minimize swelling. After 2-3 weeks of recovery, you should be able to get back to your regular routine, including exercise. All stiffness and discomfort should fade after 5-6 weeks.

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