Pittsburgh Rhinoplasty/Nose Plastic Surgery

The shape of your nose can define the appearance of your entire face. Cosmetic nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, in Pittsburgh, PA can help improve the size and shape of your nose, as well as its relationship to the rest of your face.

Before and After Pictures Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty in Pittsburgh is performed through a small incision at the tip or from the inside of the nose. The main focus of rhinoplasty is to alter the bone and cartilage of your nose. A septoplasty, or, a nasal surgical procedure performed to correct breathing difficulties, can be performed simultaneously with a rhinoplasty. This procedure can correct any breathing problems one may have, and is often covered by your insurance.

Nose surgeries can address many different problems, including nose size, width of the bridge of the nose, bumps or ridges in the nose, a large, drooping, or bulbous tip, or any asymmetries. When the patient has their initial consultation with Dr. Wooten, they will find that coming to Beleza for a “nose job” does not mean they must have a standard nose at the end of the procedure. Dr. Wooten listens to each patient’s individual concerns. At Beleza Plastic Surgery, Pittsburgh, Dr. Wooten creates a nose that is congruent with your face. Each nose will look different for each patient and will be as individual as you are.

During your surgery consultation, Dr. Anna Wooten will discuss with you the optimal procedure to leave you satisfied with the new appearance of your nose.


To schedule your personal consultation with plastic surgery Pittsburgh office with Dr. Anna Wooten regarding rhinoplasty nose surgery in Pittsburgh, please call (724) 759-7777.