Otoplasty / Ear Pinning Surgery Pittsburgh

Performed by Dr. Wooten of Beleza Plastic Surgery

Protruding ears can be a source of insecurity for many individuals. Dr. Anna Wooten can minimize the visibility of ears that stick out with an otoplasty procedure. Otoplasty or ear pinning sets your ears closer to the head by surgically pinning them back. With scarring hidden in the fold behind your ear, there are no lasting signs of the surgery except for a boosted sense of self confidence.

Dr. Wooten has helped men and women from Pittsburgh to Cranberry Township and beyond look and feel their best with cosmetic surgery. Contact us online today or call 724-759-7777 to schedule your ear pinning consultation.

otoplasty before and after photos

Patient 1*

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otoplasty before and after photos

Patient 2*

Ear pinning is especially common among adolescents, who may get made fun of by their classmates due to protruding ears. This young girl and her mother were especially happy with her results, shown on the right.

Like what you see? Contact us to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Wooten.

otoplasty before and after photos

Patient 3*

This otoplasty is shown on the right, six months after the procedure, which was performed in the office, under local anesthetic.

Like what you see? Contact us to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Wooten.

*Please note, while all ‘before & after’s shown on our website are real Beleza patients, this does not imply that your result will look exactly like any of them. Outcomes are highly individual, and depend greatly on your procedure and your anatomy, as well as your post-operative compliance.

Candidates for Ear Pinning

Many children and adults alike feel insecure about their ears. Good candidates for corrective surgery are individuals whose ears:

  • protrude or “stick out”
  • are asymmetrical
  • hang too low.

Ear pinning surgery is one of the unique surgeries that is safe to perform on children as well as adults.

Otoplasty Consultation

During your otoplasty consultation, Dr. Wooten will thoroughly examine your ears in order to decide if otoplasty is the best procedure to correct your problem. If otoplasty is determined to be an appropriate option, Dr. Wooten will then review specific details concerning your medical history, surgical techniques available for your individual case, and the costs associated with the surgery.

Your Ear Surgery

When performing an Otoplasty, Dr. Wooten administers a local anesthetic to adult patients while children are given a general anesthetic. The surgery itself is relatively straightforward and involves a single vertical incision behind each ear. A small piece of ear cartilage is removed and the remaining cartilage is gently folded back onto itself, permanently positioning the ear closer to the head. The entire procedure generally takes 2-3 hours.

Recovering from Ear Surgery

After surgery the patient’s head and ears are wrapped tightly in a compression bandage which is worn for 2-3 days. You may experience minor discomfort or throbbing in your ears. The pain is usually managed well with a tylenol-like medication. Your follow up appointment at Beleza’s Pittsburgh office will be scheduled for one week after your otoplasty.

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