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Skincare & Beauty Products

Some products are simple and, no matter where you buy them, you’d be likely to get the same result. Other products, however, are much more effective when you seek out the most advanced options. To find the best skincare and beauty products in Pittsburgh, schedule an appointment with Beleza’s aesthetician, Andrea Smith, to discuss our products and which ones may be appropriate for you.

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Skincare Creams, Eyelash Growth Stimulants, Makeup, & Serums

Our selection includes luxe creams to deeply moisturize dull-looking skin, serums to help fade scars and other skin blemishes, and eyelash growth stimulators, so that you can have that full eyelash look – without having to wear mascara.

Switching to a richer, more emollient daily moisturizer and night cream is a good combatant to the harsh skin changes brought on by the winter months, which can certainly prove to be a problem for Pittsburgh residents.  At our Pittsburgh Skin Care Center, we have rich moisturizers that are high in antioxidants.

Other products that we administer include monthly micropeels for the face. These peels exfoliate the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, allowing the skin to breathe and absorb the moisturizers and masks.  This will plump up your face and diminish fine lines that can be more noticeable due to dryness.  These light “lunchtime” peels are done by a licensed aesthetician in our comfortable office.



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To schedule your personal consultation with Beleza’s aesthetician regarding skin care and beauty products in Pittsburgh, call (724) 759-7777.