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Teenage Plastic Surgery—Is It Right For Me?

Teens are often plagued by peers making fun of their appearance. This can be very devastating to a young adult and negatively affect their self esteem for life. Some common teen problems are protruding ears, large breasts, breasts that haven’t developed at all or large noses. Can these young adults be helped by plastic surgery and is it appropriate? The answer is Yes. They should come in for a consultation and see if they are a candidate for the surgical solution to their specific problem. For protruding ears, the surgery performed is called otoplasty, which is the pinning back of the ears. For large breasts, the surgery is called Breast Reduction, which reduces the size and sometimes the shape of the breasts, and is often covered by insurance. Breast Enhancement is the surgical correction for breasts that have not developed. For the correction of too large a nose, the surgery is called Rhinoplasty. This surgery can be performed after the nose is completely developed. Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Anna Wooten does all of these surgeries. Don’t be intimidated by name calling peers—–call for your consultation appointment today.

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